Hey, I am Roger 👋 nice to meet you!

I run this blog during my free time. I’m passionate about iOS development, everything Apple (and everything that meets Apple-level standards of quality and delight), and the automotive industry.

About this blog

During my childhood, I hated reading. But that changed later in life when I started reading a lot of technical articles and other interesting content. Then I realized I never really hated reading itself, just reading fiction books that we were forced to read in school. Who'd thought?

Over the course of years I realized I could help the tech community by writing about topics that were too hard to find information about. In this blog, you’ll find those articles :)

About me

Lead Mobile Engineer @ Tellus 🏡

Apple Developer Academy scholarship recipient 🍎

Core contributor @ fastlane 🚀

10+ years of mobile app development 👨‍💻

And yeah, I like emojis. 👻

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Lead Mobile Engineer @tellushome. Core contributor of @FastlaneTools. Traveler @RemoteYear #swift #swiftlang